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June 02, 2007


I Got a New Stent Today

Living, living, living is the thing

Fixed heart, fixed heart really makes me sing

(This is the chorus from "I Got a New Stent Today")

What does blockage of heart arteries, or coronary artery disease mean?

The heart is a strong pump that delivers fresh oxygenated blood to different organs in the body with each heartbeat. The heart muscle itself gets blood through arteries called coronary arteries. These conduits called coronary arteries run on the surface of the heart. The disease of these arteries is called coronary artery disease.

Where the line that points to or indicates the right coronary artery points to the artery, I had 100% blockage and the lower half of this artery showed to be delivering no blood to my heart. The left artery had actually sent out shoots or corollaries as they are called in an attempt to deliver blood to the heart muscle on the right side of my heart, The doctors at VA West Roxbury, Boston placed a stent where the blockage was and the whole right artery system lit up as it again began carrying blood to the heart.

I had what is called stable angina. This caused a modest chest pain when I exercised because the heart received too little oxygen during exertion. I could usually walk for 5 minutes before the heart said ouch, I need more oxygen.
My meds are plavix and aspirin to keep blood thin and resist the bodies' urge to fix, repair or block up the new, foreign stent. Also linsinoprol an ACE inhibitor for blood pressure and increased Lipitor 80mgs to keep cholesterol low.

Seeing the blood return to the blocked artery was a 'huge smile' event.

Smile with me.
Craig Johnson

PS The song, "I Got a New Stent Today" was written for and dedicated to Shannon D/N-P/B and the exceptionally affable and competent cardio team at VA West Roxbury.

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