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June 21, 2007


Taps oer' U.S. Embassy in Iraq

As the fat lady sings;
in the rockets' red glare;
who sucks up the blame;
that the flag pole's gone bare?

Somebody has to give the order to abandon Emerald City.
Some Iraqi group is going to be video'd celebrating, flag raising, flag burning and effigy burning as they enter the Palais de Bush hubris. Will it be Sunnis or Shiite Sadrists? God forbid al Quaeda will even have a cameo appearance.
Bush, on his watch, will never withdraw the troops needed to keep our Embassy operating.
He will let this political conflagration happen on the next, presumably Democrat', President's watch.
The world will not soon forget this spectacle when it happens.
It is a political fireball that may sear and burn for decades.
Just something to think about!

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