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June 04, 2007


Veteran of Omaha Beach says No to War

I just spent two days in a Veterans Hospital. For the record, the care was AAA excellent. My roommate, who also has cardiac issues, was an Omaha Beach veteran.

I saw him watching FOX News, and my being of the ilk that I had just marched on the Pentagon, I approached him warily.

Imagine my joy and surprise when he said that the cartoonish GOP bag man Sean Hannity made his blood boil.

His summary of Bush and Iraq was resignedly profound and bespoke his witness of slaughter as a youth..

"I simply do not see how killing other humans ultimately benefits the human race. There has to be a better way", he said

My point here is that we need a peace plan for the Middle East. To match the complexity of the tribal, religious, cultural divide existing between Islam and secular and Christian capitalistic forces extant elsewhere the plan has to be a hundred year plan.

This plan would feature cultural exchanges, guest worker visas (both ways), peace corp initiatives, student exchanges, etc. to accommodate rapprochement. A hundred year plan to accomplish peaceful co-existence should be "the Mission."

Without a clear vision of what the U.S. and others want to accomplish in the Israel-to-Iran region, staying in Iraq and leaving Iraq are equal. Both moves have no merit for the future of global peace and community without such moves being taken in the context of a century's long plan for peace.

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