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July 27, 2007


Does Gonzo know he's lying?

To be a brilliant lawyer, or a brilliant mind requires parsing nuances in an intricate web of logic, sort of like a chess player seeing several moves ahead.
I frankly don't think Gonzo has this kind of mind.
Also, if he ever did have abundant perspicacity, imagine the effect of spending years around the W' who eschews acutely competent aides and reduces complex planet consequential events to aw shucks and ayups.
Also, like Scooter, Gonzo has spent years now around the likes of W', Rove and Cheney where truth has been reduced to a discussion point anathematical by its nature to their causes. If these guys had consciences and knew when they were lying, they would all probably have developed spastic tics by now.
I'd say "God help them, they know not what they do" but then children would stare and shun me to see my ears twirl and hear low exorcistical moaning erupting from my viscera d' veritude.

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