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July 03, 2007


Libby's Pardon: America's Flag in Disgrace

Dick Cheney and George Bush are a disgrace to our country. They are skillful liars as are all psychopaths. In fact, lack of concern for community or democratic values combined with habitual lying defines psychopathy. It defines Cheney and Bush.
I personally don't think Scooter is a psychopath on the order of Cheney and Bush. I believe he lived in an environment where lying and duplicity were practiced daily on the most egregious levels. Living in this environment day in and day out, he had little practical knowledge or experience that there could or might be even one possible iota of repercussion for bold faced lying. Lacking the snakelike skills of a Cheney or Bush he blew it.
That Scooter, the person, should not have to spend years in prison strikes a sympathetic chord with me.
That Scooter, the representative of an administration that adheres to no moral system in the pursuit of power and economic gain, should avoid justice makes me vomit.
I think we should fly all American flags upside down* until these mendacious psychopaths are escorted out of the White House, one way or the other. Better yet perhaps, would be to visit or demonstrate in D.C. and simply leave flags (upside down flags ?) at the White House gates and the Supreme Court building. This, turning in of the flags, will represent that the Red, White and Blue is used only for propaganda by Bush, Cheney and the neocon party and it does not at the present represent American values.
It is in disgrace.
Bumper stickers of an upside down flag would be a good national campaign , a visible symbol of shame and outrage.
* (original post suggested flag at half mast which by popular acclaim has been amended to use of flag as a distress signal, upside down. Thanks to the many amendees!)
Craig Johnson

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Flying the Flag at half staff implies the death of an important person. I suggest flying it upside down, an historic indication of a person, entity, or, in our case, a nation in distress!
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