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August 27, 2007


The Bottom Line GOP Bumper Slogan

Finally, I believe that I have cobbled together the ultimate message of William Kristol, Rudi Giuliani, neocons everywhere and all Rove' propaganda adherents.

"If you're not afraid, you're a coward."

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Oh what witty retort could match this? None I am afraid, none.

I have tried.

The tool of fear, oft used. The parallels between Germany between the two WW's and our country now are chilling to say the least.
FranIAm ...You would think that the GOP could have one or more positive programs to run on. The Dems have education, health care, pensions and honoring the constitution just for starters.
It's mystifying.
Mystifying indeed.

And very, very troubling. Symptom of many ills in our nation.

Frankly the Dems, given all this, could/should be in a more pronounced place.
I am both a coward and afraid, which I guess makes me the perfect... Republicrat?
Addendum to bumper sticker:

If you're not afraid (int he MSP Airport) then you're looking for hot gay sex." But Larry Craig IS NOT gay.

Which is good- cause I usually love me some gay mens... and I do not want him bringing Idaho Ants to the picnic!
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