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August 30, 2007


The Chinese Que for Reincarnation Permits

Kvatch at his Blognonymous site picks up on Chinese government pronouncement.

China Bans Buddhist Monks From
Reincarnating Without Permission

- Matthew Philips, Newsweek

To which he humbly submits his comment/snark, as in:.

""Buddhists Worldwide Respond In Protest By Refusing To Die ""

I think this is simply a way brilliant response.

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Hi Craig. I just logged onto my account and saw that you left a comment on my blog on Practicing Personal Peace. I wanted to thank you for commenting.

When I read this blog I thought it was a joke. How could anyone think they can control whether or not someone reincarnates? Wow, talk about control! I will never move to China knowing this, not that the thought ever crossed my mind.

I read the article that you linked...interesting.
Hey Cognitorex...many thanks for the reprint. It's much appreciated.
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