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August 20, 2007


Rudy Giuliani; Another Bush like Leader Who Needs to be Surrounded by Yes Men

Rudy, another needy ego driven emloyer like Bush?

I think we've all had enough of a President that insists on being surrounded by toadies and umbili-cytes. It always leads to incompetent and class insular policy.

I therefor recommend to you the following paragraph:

“Rudy surrounded himself with a very small group of people. The ‘Shrewdies,’ some called them—because they all said yes to Rudy. I’ve always thought that he had a surprisingly small inner circle—and they were not always the best and the brightest.” The same complaint followed Giuliani into politics, where he sometimes seemed to be deliberating inside an echo chamber. Loyalty is the virtue that he most prizes, and its absence in an aide is the surest route to exile.

From "Mayberry Man" The New Yorker, Peter Boyer,

Craig Johnson

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Rudy- who I have a particular DIS-affection for is nothing more than a bully who wishes to be a despot.

As history apty shows us, this sort of despotic leadership creates circles of "Shrewdies" and other ass smooching lackeys. Then the power vacuum is complete because someone with that kind of enormously narcissistic ego can not have anyone else with power nearby.

Oh and then it all comes tumbling in on itself. Which is how we all in NY felt on 9/10 when we thought that the next day would bring little more than a much needed changing of the guard.

Who knew.
franiam - narcissism is the key as you so aptly know.

thanks for kind words on your blog - will happily blogroll you anon.

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