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August 01, 2007


Them and Us: A Capital Tax Plan

(Wall Street firms are expected to pay out a record $23.9 billion in bonuses this year. 12/20/06 USA Today)

Place a one one hundreth of one percent Value Added Tax on all capital flows.
'Them' enrich themselves by taking a bite out of America's capital flows at every instance while 'Us', the creator's of this wealth, need Moms and Dads working multiple jobs to eat and provide the capital for this system.
As our capital washes around the globe for economic enterprises, both good and bad, and hedging and currency (and other asset) speculation, there is no reason Us couldn't charge a way tiny `rent' for this resource.
Social Security and Medicaid could thus be amply funded and capitalism would manifestly not miss a heart beat.

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Sounds good to me. I'm in!
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