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September 12, 2007


Cloture this ! Time for Iraqi War surtax.

Time to put GOP money where their strategic mouth is.

A net blogger, "Larkrise" makes a key point re American continuation in Iraq....."but I suspect that the loss of any financial comfort will be the only means to effect substantive change for the better."
I agree and see a potentially win win solution.

The GOP wants to continue the Iraq war at its present level.
The GOP is the party of corporate and affluent interests.
Ergo, morally, ethically and economically sound policy dictates that a war surtax be enacted.
If 130,000 plus troops for years is valid and beneficial for America's strategic interests, it follows that today's voters and leaders, and not tomorrow's middle class or children, should step up and fund this policy.

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Cognitorex, this is an idea whose time has come.

Pay up kids. Now.
Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Cloture this ! Time for
Iraqi War surtax.":

There was a diary posted on the dailyKos on the same day with more
detail and discussion about such a war surtax. It is
called "Engineering a Referendum on the War". You can read it at
Reply to anonymous...sincerely ...thanks for link on surtax idea you provided.

I do want to point out that my original war surtax post is searchable at/as (cognitorex larkrise informed comment) on September the 10th two days preceding the excellent kos article you mentioned. I was posting an older comment/post of mine on Kos on the 15th.
thanks again
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