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September 10, 2007


Defense Secretary Gates has been "disappeared"

Two or three times since Sec Gates took office he has been caught out for simply telling the truth. In each instance he clearly made truthful statements that were at odds with the White Houses propaganda delivery for such facts in question. In each instance he took my breath away for such rogue behavior. I laughed but I also felt concern for the hostility which was certain to befall him.
I don't remember the exact details, but one instance concerned when he solo voce put the kibosh on huge extended terms for our troops.
Now as Petraeus and Crocker spin the facts in Iraq as good political aparatchiks in the service of whatever Bush/Cheney are trying to achieve, America's Secretary of Defense is cut out of the loop.
Telling the unvarnished truth in this White House has morphed into treason, an act of deceit for which one becomes 'disappeared.'

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Disparecido as a tag... you have outdone yourself sir!

Seriously- this is a mess.

Gates turned out to be better than I thought. And of course, nothing like the FranIam endorsement to get you "disappeared."
It's like being kissed by the Godfather or having Bush express his 'full confidence' in you. Once it happens...
well said and greetings to you, Fran and Kvatch.
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