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September 21, 2007


Dollar tanks on lower U.S. interest rates

Jane and John Doe must now pay to bail out the culprits.
When I gas up my vehicle I will be paying extra because the dollar's buying power has taken a hit.
The financial types that made the suspect mortgages walk off with big commissions from making the loans, packaging the loans, reselling the loans and repackaging and reselling the loans until the "Ring around the Mortgages' game came full stop.
Jane and John Doe now have to pay for greedy, shoddy asset allocations in the financial sector not only by having margins on their next loan increased but by watching the greenback crash world wide as government 'of the banks, by the banks' lowers interest rates to bail out the thieves.

Capitalism spills more uneconomically useful cash annually than the combined unfunded requirements of social security and Medicare. Place a one one hundredth of a percent VAT tax on non consumer capital flows so the Doe family can eat at the same trough as the CEOs and their extended family.

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In a totally selfish moment, I must rejoice as I leave for Spain next week. Thanks Bush- you even f**k with my delayed honeymoon. Nice.

Seriously - this is just the beginning.

And its bad.

Bush ought to be paying out of pocket, or Cheney with his Halliburton blood money.
Enjoy Spain franiam
was post restante there for 2 years on $200 a month once
Gracias cognitorex! This is my 4th trip- it is my favorite country in Europe.

It must have been fun when you were on your adventure!

We are just spending a week in Barcelona and I have not been there since 1992.

Vino, tapas, art, architecture- all good.
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