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September 05, 2007


Iraqi tribal structure constitutes Mid East democracy?

The GOP think tanks are busy working on a new paradigm.
It turns out, they say, that the predominant Iraqi Tribal political structure is amazingly akin to a/our Democratic structure.
Ergo, should the Sunni sheikhs we are now championing as paragonic leaders prevail in a pan-Iraq consolidation, it should be argued that Bush has brought democracy to the Middle East.
Such a spiritually tingling success, such a great teaching, the best teaching for all sentient beings.

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People actually get paid to come up with this crap.

Wow. The Emperor's New Clothes are quite shabby indeed.

How anyone in their wildest imagination can put success and Iraq in the same sentence, along with one Bush, is beyond comprehension.

I guess that is why I am not in a think tank!
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