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September 05, 2007


Rock, Paper, Toilets

Rocks breaks scissors, paper covers rock, scissors cut paper.

In recent national elections prior to Mark Foley, the religious right and the GOP operatives that manipulate the gay hating right have owned a significant edge in votes when the aura of gays, queers, marriage is invoked.

Thanks to the unveiling of Foley, Larry Craig, Ted Haggard and other lesser public toilet and non public toilet GOP sexual Lotharios, the 'gay, queer, marriage' issue is lost as an advantage to the GOP.

This is positively awesome.

Senator Craig is now reconsidering his resignation. Please take Senator Specter's advice Mr. Craig and stay in the Senate while you battle out in public your relative criminality and your relative gayness.

That would be most appreciated. (My heart felt thanks thanks to Senator Specter, by the way!!) This GOP' gifting of the voting edge on the 'values' issue is also positively awesome. Thanks guys.

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Hypocrisy heaped upon hypocrisy.

No wonder the right wing nutjobs are so homophobic... It is hard to look in the mirror.

And mad props to Arlen Spcter. Now who would have imagined that here???
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