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October 05, 2007


"Don't Ask...Don't Tap"

There are four basic sexes and accommodations and conventions applicable thereto. There are men who are physically attracted to women, men who are physically attracted to men and women vice-versa.
The Republican party rules are quite clear. You can serve your country in the military if you are a male attracted to males or female attracted to females as long as you keep your sexual orientation secret and particularly do not discomfort your heterosexual comrades in arms.
If a G.I. were to roll over in his bunk on a warm summer's eve and make a clear request by voice or by body signals that he wished a fellow G.I. to join him in a sexual encounter he would by law have thus truncated his government career.
Public toilet decorum, by universally accepted convention, mandates don't ask, don't tap. Having some other gentleman address you while urinating with, "Hey, that's a nice Johnson you have there." clearly severs sexual oriented privacy, a verbal equivalent to Mr. Craig's toe tapping.
Mr. Craig, you tapped, you "told."
If you have found a gray area in the rules of toilet etiquette that allow you to discomfort your fellow citizenry; if you have a winning argument overriding the Republican fiat that holding a government office or military position is closed to those who 'tap', 'tell' or reveal that are sexually attracted to their same sex, then I wish to hear your rationale.
Furthermore, I appreciate that your cosmic level hypocrisy helps send the myth of the GOP being the family values party to the crapper. This an election boon of wonderful proportions. Yet, please consider, for our gay troops and others, that if in your heart you know full well that you can serve your state and country despite your 'tapping' that your previous stance on gay issues may have been in error.

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This reminds me of something from dancing school when I was 6 or 7.

We had a routine that went like this... Give me a straw hat and a cane (tap tap tap) and let me go dancing down the lane (tap tap tap).

I guess from all that tapping someone might misconstrue who I was or who I am.

And it really all is a big tap dance isn't it?

Regreso desde Barcelona!
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