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October 22, 2007


John Burns - New York Times 'Baghdad' Man

--letting the cat out of the bag--

If you listen to John Burns publicly speak, his bird's nest hairdo dominating the visual, you arrive at the conclusion that to him history's best friend, unemotional time, will say that America did what the world needed and placed it's military boots in the Middle East.
When I heard him, he disclosed in his speech that his Dad was a NATO Officer, a uniformed political operative so to speak. He humorously alluded that perhaps it wasn't best to disclose to the audience that he came from a military-solution background because it hung in the air that his "meddle-away-America" conclusions seemed to derive, slantedly, from his personal background.
He, however, may well be spot on with his political historical conclusions. "Time" will tell.
But, perhaps his bias towards the acceptability of invading the brown oil rich hordes had more to do with his admission that the Brits as a nation as well as the dons of Oxford and Cambridge, whilst Mister Burns was youthfully entering the halls of higher learning, had not yet become aware that the days of Empire were actually finished.

Notes from John Burns' speech, Williams College, MA, Sept.'07

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