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October 06, 2007


Mission Statement for Peace

Open the site for the U.S. Department of Peace or the Peace Alliance site (http://www.thepeacealliance.org/). There are forty cosponsors working to enact a Department of Peace bill in the works.
Organizers need a Senate sponsor and are working to bring out Ted Kennedy to sponsor this bill in the Senate.
Check out the site. See who is sponsoring the bill.
See what your representative thinks or is doing.

The Mission Statement
Every corporation or enterprise seeking success in their core endeavors is absolutely advised to have a cogent workable "Mission Statement" with which to focus the enterprise and its workers on a common goal. A desire for Americans to live secure in their homes through a long term plan to actualize planet wide peace by means other than force of arms should be integral to America's goals.
Establishing a Cabinet level position to enshrine and thus execute this Mission Statement is a simple commonsense act signaling that America is committed via both human and material resources to bringing life, liberty and justice truly to all.

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This is great- I have been to the site and am continuing my ongoing communications with my elected representatives to get behind this.

Considering that one of them is Hillary, I am not feeling so positive about that one.

Other good peace related sites are,
here and here

Thanks for this!
And thank you madam.
You know Cognitorex, I love it when you call me madam!
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