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October 11, 2007


Plutonic humor from George Will

George has a new op-ed, A Lexus in Every Garage, bemoaning the lack of sympathy for how hard it is to stand out from the crowd when so much wealth abounds. ..My take is further down concerning all the commenters who knee jerk hurl abuse on Mr. George when there exists a teensy possibility that 'softer' might be better for this particular piece. If pols and their warrior enablers should be held to caution before they hurl invective against twelve year old children perhaps some leeway for the aged would also be in order.

Relax for a second. Give George Will his due. He has reached out and written a playful tongue in cheek piece. Hey, intuitively he has to be right. It must be a royal pain to be rich and see so many others sporting the same clothes, hardwear, jewelry and luxury accouterments. Thirty years ago my then wife opined in Spanish that Louis Vuitton was 'muy vista', (very seen' or old hat.)

Also, years ago I heard this Wall Street story.

A young trader from the ranks of the mega bonus class overhears his compadres discussing how their wives have been enjoying shopping their bonuses on Baccarat crystal.
What is bac-a-rah he says. They disdainfully inform him of the existence of the elite luxury crystal brand.
He immediately jumps on the horn, as they used to say back then, pre cell phone you know, calls his wife and instructs her to post haste go get some Bac-a-rah, Bee A Cee Cee A R A Tee glasses, and yah a decanter too!

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Another example- class is not available for purchase.

Just heard an interesting piece about the "new gilded age".

It bores me but it upsets me as well.

So it is, back to my cheap Crate&Barrel $2 wine glass! And the cheap wine to accompany it!
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