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November 28, 2007


Iraq Peace Accords..Its a Chalabian World

A cunning, brilliant, spectacularly amoral solution.

(Opening thoughts on the US Executive Branch signing an agreement for a major long term military presence in Iraq.)

As Malaki accepts the Honorary post of Shah of Iraq once promised to Chalabi, the Iraqi nationalists and the Iraqi fundamentalists are sold down the river.

Who said that two wrongs could not make a right or that a continuous pattern of incompetence as in BushCo arming proscribed elements..."other terrorist groups, as well as all other outlaw groups, such as criminal remnants of the former regime;"....(the Sunnis) could not make the Shia holler Uncle ("Sam").

Jesus, Mary and Joseph, you just gotta love it.

Wait until the coming Democrat executive cum majority tells our Iraqi co-signors that they have to inaugurate women's rights to keep our support.

Have I just been transmigrated to Doonesbury World? Hello! Hello!

((I imagine a cartoon:: (1)Malaki, sitting in front of a large mirror, pulls a mask away from his face revealing that he is in fact Ahmed Chalabi. (2)Standing behind him are Dick Cheney and Richard Perle high fiving with vigorous enthusiasm (3) A view of the mirror shows all three men, each a likeness of Chalabi.))

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Chalabian? little typo change.

His name is Chalabi... thus Chalabian.

Saw the post over at tpm, but thought you might prefer not to have the typo advertised there.

Good post!
Thanks for editing help and kind comment.
The cartoon idea is simply scathingly brilliant.

Except for it may be true!
It is so tummy warming to occasionally be called scathingly brilliant.
What would I do without you???
You would still be scathingly brilliant, you just wouldn't see some Simpsons-like character popping up to tell you so in this way!!
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