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November 14, 2007


Pakistan: Bribery in Limbo


Salman Rushdie's take on Pakistan is that you either get a dictatorship and rolling promises of future elections or massive corruption with the Bhutto family. Considering this, it dawned on me that this explained the oddity of continuously seeing hordes of demonstrators dressed in suits and ties, the lawyers in waiting.

(Notes from Rushdie lecture on "The Culture Wars" Nov 6, 2007, Gt. Barrington, Ma.)

On a more serious note, Sir Salman opined that Pakistan is really quite secular and should not be willy nilly thrown into the Islamo-Fascist WWIII right wing propaganda debate category. That the demonstrators are in Western dress might in this light be deemed a very big socio political favorable.

Personally, I'm hopefully optimistic that the Pakistani engineering class as well, the guardians of the Pakistani nuclear weaponry, also favors a Western motif over Talibanic fashion, scimitar optional.

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It all just looks like a big cluster fuck and some bizarre mirror world of the suits getting beat up and arrested.

Whatever happens will indeed matter.

Very much.

That must have been an interesting talk. I heard one over my way about a week ago, author Chris Hedges.

Hope we can have a meet up one day after I am settled or whenever I give up on getting settled!

Still living part time down here near NYC.

Someone- please buy my house!
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