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December 11, 2007


Huckabee's Likability Factor

Setting aside socio political planks as sole arbiters, he seems a personable and nice man. Mitt and Rudi do not.
Over all candidates he appeals as the guy you'd most want to have as a Principal at your children's school. As a neighbor, he appears most likely to show up at the door with a pie or a meal when a wife is ill or facing a surgery.
I find his "God speaks to me" platform and his smattering of intolerance, then or now, abhorrent but I like this man.
His rise is about more than the Theo Fundies.

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He has a nice smile. With politicians, the outside and the inside don't necessarily match. And assuming his is a "nice" guy, do you really want a nice guy running the US and serving as commander-in-chief? Personally, I want a tough SOB with stern principles.
My point was that Huck is rising for more reasons than the MSMedia is reporting. It's a quick story to say the Fundies are creating his surge but his likability and his seeming sincerity are also garnering substantial votes.
He would be a great contestant for the Dems because he has zero credibility on foreign policy and tough guy stuff which is one of their main perceived weaknesses.
He says a lot of social conscience type things that sound like he is a Democrat in terms of poorish and non-white citizens. Interesting crossover stuff.
No he would not get my vote: too much God and not enough substance.
Well, yes, he is likable, and he doesn't bite his lip when he's trying to sound serious.
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