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December 08, 2007


Romney's Renaissance

From liberal Massachusetts where Romney campaigned on what the electorate wanted to hear, i.e. religious and social tolerance re gays, abortion, etc, to Philadelphia, thoughts of enlightenment heralding reason and science were the philosophical backbone of a great new country.

Voltaire on hearing Romney's new mantra invoked in his "Freedom requires religion" line sat bolt upright. Actually he bumped his head which vexed him all the more.
"Theese Romney fellow is such a slut" he said. "He makes the liar, Karl Rove, seem pristine and chaste in hees willingness to throw the Constitution under the tumbrils."

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Tumbrils? I think the bad place to be is in the tumbrils.

Voltaire actually showed up with Jeanne D'Arc in a post-Asimov Foundation novel. Interesting conversation. He didn't bump his head as I recall, but he was a little grumpy at being woken up.
I didn't know the French word for bus so I thought tumbril as a half ass reference to the French Revolution might be invocative.
I enjoyed your comment(s).
I don't know what tumbrils means and I don't care.

I love this post however and the thought of Voltaire sitting upright and bumping his vexed head!

Seriously- this is a gem.
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