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January 31, 2008


Get down with the down-ticket candidate

It's cut and dried that Obama will bring significantly more Democratic voting voters to the general election than will Bill/Hill.
He will increase the House and Senate Democratic majorities over a Bill/Hill ticket and inter alia, will thus be the superior leader for augmenting change in D.C.("Day One.")
Get down with the down-ticket candidate, Barack Obama.

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Oh...come on! Are you saying I *CAN'T* vote for Edwards? Gone you say? Damn. The CA primary is nigh, and I got nothin'.
Hey you! What a delight to hear your chipper snarkery. Welcome back.
I backed John and he deserves the National Catalyst of the Decade Award.
Sad about John, but Kvatch is back, that is a reason for some smiles!
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