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February 29, 2008


Hillary and Mark Penn's im-pyrrhic-al spin

Translated, what Mrs. Clinton and her campaign executive staff are now actually trying to (ill) logically conjure into a spin is:
"Obama's overall campaign is so superior to ours in terms of attracting adherents, attracting donations, attracting and organizing primary state volunteers and placing advertisements that if he doesn't beat us handily everywhere we will attain a quasi pyrrhic victory."
Or to put it more crudely.
"Obama's out in front of us by every measure. If he doesn't run the board that will show that we are winning."

Then there was McCain's: "We're winning in Iraq. We're winning big time in Iraq. But not so much that we're actually going to defeat the two to three thousand foreign Jihadists and domestic thugs that call themselves Al Quaeda in Iraq and stop America's bleeding

We win,
troops stay,
spend big money,
our kids'll pay.

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I am ready to leave and move to a deserted island.

It all feels like a choice from bad to worse.

And I am not a cynic by nature, not at all!
We're winning big time in Iraq.

Well certainly...I mean how could we have spent so much money and still be losing?
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