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February 05, 2008


Hillary okays FOX debate - "Day One" brain lock

FOX might just as well have used the N’ word
(my recap of the FOX coverage of the Democratic S. Carolina primary)
As Obama was piling up the votes in South Carolina the FOX pundits kept repeating over and over again, ”The black man is getting the black vote.”
It was obnoxius, so obnoxius in fact that FOX’s imported experts refused to pick up their black-man black-vote spin. Up popped Heraldo, ”ah I said a Latino”, who promptly said black man gets black vote to which his guest politely disagreed or as I say, averred (avoid plus demur.) They all might just as well have used the N’ word.
Did I say that FOX didn’t even cover BO’s victory speech, choosing instead to concentrate (for the tenth time in an hour) on the Florida Gov endorsing McCain.
There was absolutely no pretense that FOX is other than a straight up Republican partisan advocate. Actually it knocked my socks off, the shamelessness of the programming, of being a news channel wholly in bed with one political persuasion.
Unless Hillary gets an up/down vote in advance on the questions, she’s frankly nuts.

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