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February 02, 2008


Immigrants send Mitt Romney back across border

Nate Newman on TPM Cafe gives us these numbers and analysis.
If 12% of a population votes 54% to 14% for a candidate, this will add 5% to that candidate's vote total.
Apparently the Florida immigrant population, the Latinos, the border jumpers or swimmers as the case may be, added the entire margin of victory, McCain's 5% margin, to so cause McCain's victory in Florida.
That means that Romney's tacking to the conservative majorities' pivotal quasi-racist immigration position cost him Florida and hence, it appears, the nation.
I'm from Mass and detest Romney. That the 'immigrants' jumped up and bit him in the keester tickles me no end.

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Hilarious discussion between Hillary and Obama. Must watch.. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E7150u9sfCo
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