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February 10, 2008


MSNBC offers 'pimp' programming payback, how slutty is that?

MSNBC carries entire hour of Hillary's life/bio/documentary on Saturday 2/9/08 eve just prior to WA, NE, La primary results programming.

Is Obama getting future offsetting hour or is this the Network bending its knee in abject apology?

Kelly Tilghman's 'lynch': Shuster's 'pimp-ing'.

Can we call the use of toxic words be they nouns, verbs, adjectives or whatever an adjetoxic comment? Lynch, to lynch, is a verb but becomes an adjective like descriptor when used in reference to a black man. Likewise with pimp, to pimp. For me Kelly' and David Shuster's comments were well formed ideas, appropriate in their logic and presentation but suffered from brain dead 'adjetoxic' word choices.

Imus's 'hos' comment on the other hand had no thought process other than the slur and qualifies only in the brain dead category.

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