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March 31, 2008


McCain perfects shadow corruption

Nobody seems to have noticed that McCain has a methodology he uses to push lobbyist causes without doing so in the daylight.
In two recent reported incidents, one where his , ahem, donor friend wanted a favorable communication industry ruling and one where he took money from the non US military air tanker competitor, McCain wrote letters to the committee Chairmen.
He doesn't say make the outcome in favor of his client. He uses a pretext such as this should be concluded soon or this needs a timely yes or no.
Has he then pedaled influence and promoted one side over the other which is ethically incorrect even by Republican committee standards? No. Not in writing, per se. Have the committee' Congressmen and staffers been put on notice that a Senator has a dog in the hunt.

Oh, if you didn't catch this the other night. Pat Buchanan referenced McCain's flip flopping on tax cuts, ethics , religious leaders and using public funds in his Presidential race.
His comment was. "When you talk about the 'Straight Talk Express' you should have a sign on the side of the bus that says" "This bus makes U-turns."

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