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March 12, 2008


Rush Limbaugh hearts Hillary: The McDelegates

Without Rush Limbaugh supporters voting for Hillary, Obama would have won the Mississippi primary 64% to 34%. (Registered GOP voters were 12% of Democratic primary voters, going 3 to 1 for Mrs. Clinton.)

Someone should keep a scorecard of the delegates that Rush and his insurgent GOP spoilers ring up for Hillary. Rush exhorts his GOP minions to vote for Hillary in the Democratic primaries as best they can. Pennsylvania is open to only registered Democrats so Rush's advice for Pennsylvanian Republicans is that there are almost two weeks left to go, go, go change party affiliation and vote for Hillary, the gal they love to hate.

A good name for these tampering votes might be the 'Rush hearts' Hill delegates' or simply the 'Limbaugh delegates'. Ann Coulter has expressed her preference for Hillary also so work her into the mix if you choose. And don't leave out John McCain. These are McDelegates and McVotes for Clinton we're talking about here. He'd love to have Hillary and all her negatives as his opponent. I imagine that he goes positively gleeful thinking that he can have Mrs 'Commander in Chief' as his opponent especially particularly especially because she voted for the War in Iraq.

If you rework the Mississippi numbers by backing out the 12% GOP crossovers who hearted the 'monster' candidate 3 to 1, Obama wins by 64% not 61% potentially losing out on one or more McDelegates. Remember Hillary also received many, many Rush loves Hill votes in th Texas primary. In Mississippi, without the GOP cross-over-ites, Obama's percentage of white voters would rise to 39% from 35%, his usual Southern range, as Hillary scores well with her sympathetic senior white women majority.

For those voters who recognize that a goodly portion of Mrs. Clinton's career, her triangulated voting record and her openness to status quo big business campaign offerings do not at their heart represent the change that Obama portends, they might enjoy (or not as the case may be) the verisimilitude in having the GOP cross the aisle to help inveigle her to a primary victory.

Imagine the tense waning minutes at the Democratic convention as Barack and Mrs. Clinton are tied. The chairman loudly casts his question across the hall, "And how do the crossover delegates elected by the McCain/Limbaugh/Coulter faithful cast their deciding ballots?"

These Limbaugh delegates argue heatedly for a moment as to whether they should call out, "We vote for the monster." or not, and then, summoning decorum to the best of their abilities, they cast the the deciding ballots.

As Mrs Clinton wins, Rush and Ann Coulter embrace deeply. Karl Rove hugs Tom DeLay and gives him a peck on the cheek. The GOP anointed go wild. Matt Drudge and Sean Hannity call out, "Who said politics can't be fun? Onward to November"

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"We vote for the monster."

Hyperbole? Opinion?

I'm trying to keep in mind that Clinton has done more good for the people of New York than Obama has yet to do for the people of Illinois, but setting that aside... Democratic crossovers that voted for Huckabee in CA were lauded by their party. Guess it all depends on which side we're on. ;-)
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