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April 14, 2008


Hillary talks 'cracker': her days of guns and food stamps

Hillary says. "When in Pennsylvania cracker land, talk cracker."
"That is in no way condescending" she said, "It's simple political play book, page one tactics. Talk guns and beer."
"Barack, however, is different" she said. "Even tho' he was telling a known version of cracker truth, he used a five syllable word plus complicated syntax. That, my friends, is elitist. Knee slappin' elitist."
"Back when Momma, Poppa and I were on welfare.......and the revenuers were looking for our stills........"

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Check out this video! A "Barack/Hillary Smackdown" parody video–we all need a little political humor to lighten things up a bit. :)
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