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May 02, 2008


Barack Elitism Gas Tax Truthiness

As for looking at elitism and the truth, this week has seen a great example.
Hillary and McCain offer voters a half of a torn band aid in a gasoline tax rollback that depends on and presumes that the average American voter is plug stupid.
Barack, in stark contrast says, "You guys who want change; let's start right here." "This gas tax rebate gimmick is simple pandering and serves no positive economic purpose for the country you love and wish to see set on the right road again."
Obama trusts the intelligence of the voters, blue collar Catholics included, that they have plenty of good old American common sense to sniff out pandering political pooh; that they are ready to vote shoulder to shoulder for honesty and change.
Only Obama trusts the melting pot cast of Americans. That is 180 degrees from the twittling twattling yammerings that he is elitist.

7:22 AM

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I couldn't believe that Senator Clinton got on board with this nonsense. GRRRRRR!!!
Hi Kvatch. Grrr is right.
This post ""Barack elitism, etc"" was published in my local newspaper the Berkshire Eagle. They entitled it 'Barack trusts common man."
The first four on-line commentators clearly had no use for Barry Hussein Obama. But, when I asked each of them using their commentators names if they thought the gas tax plan was a good idea....no one expressed any enthusiasm for it.
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