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May 29, 2008


Obama to McCain: "John, my America is not losing."

Obama to McCain: "John, my America is not losing."
Surrender is a figment of your imagination. - - .
I will not surrender, John McCain proclaims, as dramatically as he can.
Obama should declaim, "John, John, John. What are you thinking about when you say I, or our military or anybody else, might surrender.
Militarily, our warriors have won all the required battles to give the Iraqis a new start..
If John, your goal is to occupy Iraq, then leaving would be simply letting go of these occupation goals. This 'letting go' is the goal of both Iraq and America. There is no 'surrender' in bringing home our troops from Iraq. It's just admitting that our troops are not fairly deployed for either their sake or America's national security if they are used as referees and civilian police.
John, stop implying that America or our troops are losing or losers. There is no surrender in coming home. To whom would we losing Senator? We've reached the time for us to leave the bulk of the fight to the Iraqis.
The Shiites will fight amongst themselves for power. They will fight Sunnis too and both will fight criminal elements and religious fanatics who align themselves with terrorists. This is the internal struggle facing Iraq for a long while to come.
It's time for America to declare itself a staunch ally of Iraq and Iraqi democracy and cease operations akin to an all out occupying force. No one entity specifically wins when we leave. We lose to no specific entity.
John, unless you pursue battle as an end in itself, which frankly scares me, step back and exercise common sense.
"There is no 'surrender.'
"My America is not losing."

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To my mind, getting out before we spend another $750B sounds like winning.
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