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June 04, 2008


McCain's is a one-note campaign: "more war"

Step back and summarize who McCain is. He's an old man from a military family that says "we must win, we must win", in between his gaffs and misstatements and saying "we are winning, we are winning." If we win in Iraq and leave, then we are 'surrendering' is Senator McCain's baffling call to keep fighting.

He can't lead on health care, the economy, taxes, jobs or ecology.
Saying he's for change is a contradiction to his upbringing, age, and nature.
He is true to his roots when he repeats his single constant message: more glory on the battlefield, more fighting, more war, any war.

I like the patriotism and the majesty of a good Fourth of July parade as much as anyone but votes are about so many more here-at-home issues. Votes are questionable if cast only to advance the non diplomatic goal of having the U.S. attacking more foreign countries to enforce capitalism and old time vainglory.

The issues John McCain, in his one-note campaign, and by his nature finds less attractive and uplifting are good jobs, fairness in wages, equitable health care and returning Washington to a bi-partisan, non lobbyiest controlled can-do status.

Military might and patriotic pomp have their place but the McCain Bush era mantra of "If you're not afraid, you're a coward." needs to be put out to pasture.

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"we must win, we must win",

How ironic is that since essentially...we did. We accomplished everything we were capable of accomplishing in Iraq. The rest is up to them. Time to leave.
Great summary. It's that simple.
Maybe we could stop calling it a war to get the inflammatory pejoratives out of the way.
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