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June 28, 2008


MSNBC losing big time to FOX quoth a liberal

FOX News provides more news and analysis than the constant gossipy drivel from MSNBC's Chris Matthews (Hardball) and David Gregory (Race to the White House.)
Set aside the fact that, say, 10% of FOX's broadcasts are patently right leaning. Then analyze how much of the remainder is new items of the day presented with facts and analysis. FOX is three to ten times more educational than MSNBC's mix of insider conjecture and pure campaign gossip

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I'm inclined to look at NYT or WaPo for US based news (can't pick up your networks anyway). But I generally find US news from non US sources is far more informative.
Preferences there are major Aussie, British and Canadian Metro dailies - online of course.
I was asked just today where Americans get their news and quite honestly I was 'bushed'. No idea at all.
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