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July 08, 2008


CEO taxation is not a big election issue

The CEOs and corporate executives that regularly perform embezzlement by committee are immune to tax increases. They and their board of directors' henchmen, with no institutional opposition, can and will raise their personal payouts to ameliorate or obviate any Obama inspired increase in fat cat taxes.
Note that fat cats and Wall Streeters are giving two to one or more to the Obama campaign. They want access to the '08 winner.
Such is their faith in the greed ethic of corporate hierarchies that they are smugly confident that their net embezzlement proceeds are not in jeopardy.

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I don't think they have much to fear. Wholesale revamping of the tax system is very, Very, VERY hard to sell, and Obama looks every day like he's not the man of change he purported to be.
My mother always told me, "What comes around goes around". So I ask you when are these bastards going to get theirs? I'm SO ready.
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