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March 25, 2007


Purgegate: More Bush/Rove Soviet Style Thuggery

Bush/Rove/Cheney/Gonzalez Commissariat

Political appointees oversee science (FDA & global warming) in this administration.

Political appointees botch, bungle and butcher Iraq reconstruction and Katrina relief.

Political appointees are sent into the CIA executive suite for a political cleansing mission.

Political appointees set up a propaganda office in the DOD to deliberately and maliciously mislead the nation into war while refusing to plan for known obstacles ultimately leading to thousand of troop' deaths and injuries.

The hue and cry over Purgegate is that the Justice Department has traditionally been significantly and honorably immune to rank political interference. Not under our presently governing thugs.

Despoiling democracy and honor while emulating a Soviet/Communist Commissariat model government is the operational and ethical basis of Gonzalez and his handlers.

Good news. If politicizing the Justice Department finally brings out the backbones of our legislators, Republican and Democratic alike, shout hosannas. Citizens of the entire planet sincerely want the America that strives for honor, honesty and equal treatment under the law to reappear.

Craig Johnson

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