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June 08, 2007


Bush is welcomed to Hel(l): "Lucky we"

Below is a slice of an email from a two-time Polish student summer worker to Cape Cod. It references her Master's Thesis on Baltic Sea oil spill modeling (so much math) that I check for her English usage. For opinions on Bush I find her to be representative of all my European friends. They all know his behavior is the same as a thug; same as Putin; same as they have know in Europe as it has been carved up and carved up again by aggression over centuries. They are realists.
My Polish friends want favored status visa relationship with U.S. so they don't have to put up big bucks, big application and then in trepidation wait and wait. They might hate Bush and demonstrate openly for democratic causes but you know what?
If our thug administration will relax visa requirements, these Eastern Europeans will vote to send a few thousand troops to Iraq. (And turn a blind eye to rendition in their country.....?) This is realpolitik.
Meanwhile our "What can I do to trash Democracy and embarrass America today President" will annoyingly create congestion in downtown Gdansk.....and irritate the residents.
This is the realpolitik of city traffic and a most unpopular President.

"Quote: Oops, you president, Georgi the Great, is coming today and everybody are irritated because of the blockade on the most important streets of Trojmiasto city. And then he is going to Hel Peninsula, to the presidential residence....Lucky we ;)

From the Press: Antiglobalists announced they will protest during the president’s visit near the residence. They plan to bring signs saying “Welcome to hell” in English. ( Source: Tricity Gazette Poland)

The tri-city police in the metropolis are advising drivers not to use their cars on Friday after midday. Privileged vehicles columns driving through the city, will cause many road closures.

Drivers in Hel (...) will be most affected.

""Give the Devil his due"" I say.

--Craig Johnson--

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