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July 13, 2007


Bush Applauds Pope’s World Peace Message

(A Bridge Over Troubled Waters?)
George W calls out to Rove and Cheney. "Hey, did you hear what 'Big Benny' said?
He said, "if you're not Catholic, you suck."
"Now that's my kind of Uniter."
Rove chimes in, singing and doing his famous rap dance, "When you're down ...and feeling blue...incite the base...I do, I always do. ..When you're down and out...and feeling small.."
Cheney harrumphs, "Send the old curmudgeon a triple secret E-Mail. Ask him to set up a slush fund for us. Tell him we'd be glad to take out a few thousand apostates for him, starting with a Congressman or two."
Bush; "Operation 'Top Robe,' that's what we'll call it. Gotta ring to it. Armies of God and all that good stuff."
"And tell him to fax us the "Inquisition: Then and Now" manual they've been working on. It seems like we've been waiting for it for ages."

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