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July 13, 2007


Bush..Character and Iraq Responsibility

And there was the point in W's remarks last night to the Press where he said, "I asked the Military (Tommy Franks) if we had enough troops to do the job, including doing the job after we had defeated Saddam and the answer was yes."
His Father, the CIA, General Shinseki and Colin Powell told him the truth which he ignored or in the case of the General Shinseki, he fired as he rushed pell mell into the neocon nightmare.
Now he is reconstructing that he at least asked the right questions, that the debacle is not his fault. This is actually quite sad.
If he admits the truth that he, in conjunction with Cheney, Rumsfeld and many others, for reasons still not wholly understood, deliberately went against the advice of the majority of experts then he has to say, "I am to blame."
It is a hell of a choice.
He can admit the truth that his plan and planning was incompetent and made America less safe and less respected. He can admit the truth that he, as Commander in Chief, in the end, bears the ultimate responsibility for this horrendous misadventure.
Or he can cling to a concocted excuse that once upon a time, after he had dispensed with all contrarion voices, that he did ask a General "Do we have enough troops?"
The whole world knew prior to Bush Jr.s' elections that he had in his lifetime established no record of integrity, courage and character.
We should not expect him to display such ethical fortitude now.
It's sad for George W.. It's sad for his family. And it's sad for America and all Americans.
Craig Johnson

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