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October 10, 2007


Burning security assets not new to Bushco

Mary Poppins has a take on relative values of this White House.

Dim wittery, dim wittery, dim wit do doo
Feed Fox news propaganda,
that's simply not new.

Dim wittery, dim wittery, dim wit do doo
If burning security serves politics,
Then that's what we'll do.

Let's see. Fifteen of the 911 terrorists were Saudi, an Egyptian, Lebanese and two UAE. So, destroy Iraq. dim wit do doo. Burn Valerie and disclose a huge U.K. terror investigation while it's in progress. Dim wittery do doo.

In the Bush White House where politics trumps truth in all respects including science, economics and medicine, burning a non GOP controlled security asset is like someone picking their nose. It's considered gross but the 'picker' isn't even aware of what they're doing. Thus spoken, operatives feeding the amoral Bush Cheney propaganda machine wouldn't even recognize that wrong was being perpetrated.

To coin a phrase. For these mutts, "All security is political."

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It will take a lot more than a spoon full of sugar...

All security is political. As we know, create fear and insecurity and seize power. Create more, seize more power.

How humans continue to behave over time is amazing to me. And disturbing.
Fran said....It will take a lot more than a spoon full of sugar..

What a great line...madam.
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