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November 28, 2007


Crashing Dollar - Silver Lining

This is the Bush enviromental plan at work.
Increase deficit and off-the-books' war spending to create record level obligations to the Chinese, eventually whacking the dollar. Oil prices soar to $6.00 US (Franc and Euro no increase) and hybrids, walking and bikes come into vogue.
Our McDonalds fat kids' crisis beautifully abates as a cunning benefit of the process.
Ta da! One man's incompetence is another man's silk ear.

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Silk ear?

So what's the difference? Isn't this essentially a tax on oil? ... a tax on imports in general paid by the people who hold US treasury bonds? So the PRC and the OPEC are subsidizing our exports. Where's the problem? Internal products will be more in demand, and that is most of our economy.

I suspect, though, that demand for McD's products will increase as imported delicacies become more expensive. So much for the sow's purse.
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