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November 08, 2008


Don't you just hate those welfare cheats

My favorite irony (of the moment, there are so many, such as the Bush/Cheney/GOP modus operandi of putting “Party” members over all important policy decisions which is/was the chief evil of Communism) is that there are still hordes of voters that vote for the GOP because they hate having a perceived group of poor shiftless welfare persons having access to their tax dollars.
Meanwhile every eight years or so the banking elite go on a tear and wipe out the financial industry’s capital base. Usually the banks replace their capital by upping car loan rates and mortgage rates but between the savings and loan debacle and our present derivatives catastrophe a trillion dollars of the voter’s money has vanished ….giving bonuses to the guys who screw them over and over again. A trillion freeking dollars.

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Haha... true dat. True dat.
We know who the "cheats" are, but delusions are usually more powerful than facts.
And still they vote against their best interests over and over which is of course exactly your point.
Be well, my man.
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